Dr. Fangguo Sun, a world GIS authority and former geographic information consultant of the Executive Yuan, established RITI Technology Inc. in 1992. In the past 30 years, RITI has always been the leader in Taiwan’s mobile resource management (MRM). RITI has combined the six core technologies in geographic information systems (GIS), various sensors (IoT), cloud services (Cloud), big data analysis (Big Data), artificial intelligence (AI) and block chain (Block Chain), and accumulated industry knowledge and experience, developing a series of forward-looking software platforms and hardware equipment to help companies improve management performance.

In 2000, the U.S. government announced the opening of the Global Positioning System (GPS) for civilian use, opening the door to GPS commercialization. In the same year, RITI established Taiwan’s first cloud-based satellite fleet management service platform – KanCheDa ( to assist companies in establishing a safe, efficient, environmentally friendly and happy transportation fleet.

Looking forward to the future, RITI will continue to uphold the business philosophy of “Using Innovative Technology to Provide Sophisticated Services”, using six core technologies, online platforms and offline system maintenance experience to integrate various innovative applications of IoT and the 30 years accumulation of industrial supply chain provides customers with co-operation services of the Internet of Vehicles and assists enterprises in rapid industrial upgrading.

Related Business

◆ Inc.

( launched Taiwan’s electronic map service network in 1998. It is the first company in Taiwan to provide online location application services with GIS technology. It also develops SMRGEO smart business geographic platform services with patents on commercial activity algorithms.

◆ RiChi Technology lnc.

(, which was independent from the RITI GIS division in 2010, has injected a variety of styles and new look into the traditional geospatial information and telemetry industry.

◆ P. H. Sun Foundation for Information Technology

(, takes the research, development and promotion of modern information technology and its application as its main purpose and strengthens Taiwan’s extensive use of spatial data in society.