Mobile services bring all new value, allowing everyone to enjoy the “free, safe and convenient” mobility rights, creating an environmentally friendly, efficient, and happy society.


Using Innovative Technology to Provide Sophisticated Services

RITI 30 connects everything that moves with technology and creates opportunities for inclusiveness and mutual benefit

Core Value

Better, Faster, more Economical and more User-friendly

No matter what we do, we will always pursue “better, faster, more economical, and more user-friendly.” , We are just this kind of company and those core values are very important to us, just like our DNA and it will always be so no matter how the world evolves.

Business strategy

  1. Looking forward to the future, RITI will continue to uphold the business philosophy of “Using Innovative Technology to Provide Sophisticated Services”, using six core technologies, online platforms and offline system maintenance experience to integrate various innovative applications of IoT and the 30 years accumulation of industrial supply chain provides customers with co-operation services of the Internet of Vehicles and assists enterprises in rapid industrial upgrading.

  2. Strengthen the professional ability and job satisfaction of employees to provide customers with the highest quality information services. Pursue the synergy of integrated operation to reduce costs and give back to customers and shareholders.

  3. Effectively use the sales staff and the ability to cooperate with the overall technical support to increase the company’s overall output value and increase customer satisfaction.

  4. Accumulate a high-quality company brand image and become the most trustworthy and entrusted information service company in the minds of customers.

  5. Implement the company’s internal control management, simplify the company’s operating procedures, and improve the company’s operating efficiency.

  6. With the company’s future development plans, actively reserve and train the required talents.

  7. Introduce new management concepts and tools to enhance competitiveness s.